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What does Cardiff Portal provide?

Cardiff Portal provides you with a secure gateway to your web-based University services using an internet browser, regardless of your location:


Email and Calendar

The portal allows you to access your CardiffMail account, giving you access to your email and calendar wherever you are.

Remote access to file space

You can access your personal and shared file space using the Files service, which allows you to download, edit and upload files from your networked drives.

Electronic Journals & Online Databases

You can access your eJournals and online databases from off-campus using the portal. For more information please visit the Information Services Electronic Resources web pages at www.cardiff.ac.uk/insrv/eresources

Collaborative Tools

You can access the University's collaborative toolset, including Quickr TeamPlace and Cardiff Blogs directly from the portal.
Learn more about mwehelp.cf.ac.uk/collaborative.

Targeted Content

News, announcements and other content will be delivered to you depending on your role within the University. For example, a student would see news items relating to Student Union events, whilst a staff member could see information about the appraisal process.

Customisable Content

You have your own personal page - My Page - which can be customised to provide the content you want. News feeds, Google Gadgets, external links and more can be added to collate all of your resources in one place.

Single Sign On

Signing in to Cardiff Portal allows you to automatically log in to resources that would normally require you to sign in seperately.
For example, CardiffMail, Learning Central and Voyager all normally require their own log in procedure. However, if you access them via the Portal you will only have to log in once.


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